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Model Portfolio Photography
    Creative Photography can provide a wide selection of Model Portfolio packages to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Please call or email for more information on services and availability.
     This type of work calls for changes of backgrounds & lighting, clothes, hairstyle, makeup  etc, with studio photography and location work as required. Let us know your requirements so we can provide you with the right images.    We can take low key and high key studio images, and we can discuss ideas for location shoots in and around the area. 
    There are many types of modelling, so we would need to discuss this with you and possibly your family. It is always preferable to bring along a family member or friend and is required if you are under 18. We will provide a selection of images on our website (password protected) from which you choose your photographs.  You can have them printed in a Storybook album or as prints.
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